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Book An Appointment/ Sign Agreement

You must read these rules and read our consignor AGREEMENT at the bottom of this page before booking an appointment! 

During these months, we accept these items:

January-March: SPRING
March-June: SUMMER
July-September: FALL
September-January: WINTER

How many items can I bring in?

You are allowed to book an appointment for 150 pieces or less via our online scheduler. Time is allotted per appointment based on how many pieces are selected. The appointment ends when the item count has been reached or time for your appointment has run out. To make things run smoothly, please review our guidelines for preparing your items.

If you have clothing sized newborn-24 months, we will only be able to keep 25 items per appointment, per sex. But bring what you have selected count-wise, as the Polkadots staff will know which 25 pieces will sell the best at the time of your appointment. Any remaining qualified items are welcome to be brought in at another booked appointment.

What condition and presentation must my items be in at drop off/appointment time?

All clothing must be current, season-appropriate styles with name brands in excellent condition: free of wrinkles, stains, holes, odors (from smoke, food, etc) & pet hair, etc. Clothing must be snapped, buttoned & zipped ahead of time. There are NO exceptions. Please take the time to prepare and filter your items ahead of time.

(For a list of preferred and unaccepted brands, CLICK HERE.)

*If we come across multiple items that are not in the condition or presented the way we require, we hold the right to stop the appointment immediately and move on to someone else.

Clothing MUST be hung on hangers (see note below) or neatly folded and brought into the store in clean boxes, paper bags, or bins. Clothing brought in plastic bags will be turned away immediately- no exceptions.

All items must be impeccablely clean! If there is any hint of dust/grime/dirt/hair in any nook, cranny, crevice or joint we will pass on the item/s. Using a toothbrush works well in hard to reach areas. You will not be allowed to clean your items at Polkadots. We will not provide cleaning supplies to clean your items in your car, either. Check over and prepare your items BEFORE you bring them into the store.

Every now and then, a staff member or customer may find that an item has a stain/damage/ flaw/ is not thoroughly cleaned, etc that went unobserved when the item was originally dropped off. Polkadots will use it's judgement but does reserve the right to donate the item/s to a worthy organization without notifying the consignor.

Do I need to bring my items on hangers?

It is not necessarily required, however, bringing items on hangers does help to ensure they will be wrinkle free and ready to be inspected at your drop off/appointment. We do not keep your hangers or have a use for them.

Do I need to supply batteries for electronics?
All electronic items are tested to confirm that they work. If they do not have batteries, or do not work, we will not accept them. We cannot simply "take your word for it".  You are welcome to take your batteries back after the item is proven to work.

*****(Please scroll to the bottom of this page to book a Fast Cash appointment!)*****

*Before consigning, we require the following contract to be filled out online (no need to print it or bring it in)


To book a CONSIGNMENT appointment for our Guilderland location, please click here.

To book a CONSIGNMENT appointment for our Clifton Park, please click here.


To book a Fast Cash appointment, please email us at
with the following information:

1."Fast Cash" in the email title.
2. Count of all pieces you want to sell.
3. List the top three brands you have.
4. Give us a quick description/sampling of what you'll be bringing in (clothing? season? toys? etc).
5. Whether you would like an appointment in the GUILDERLAND or CLIFTON PARK store.

We will get back to you to schedule an appointment if we are interested in the items you have for sale! If you do not have all the above information included we will not be able to get back to you.

Thank you!

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